The Grapes,

4-6 Bridge Street,


Wigtownshire, DG9 7HY

Tel:01776 703386

Music and Bands

The Grapes is becoming well known for some live entertainment every friday local band "The Twa Eens" play every Friday lunch time in the main bar. The Grapes is also becoming known for the appearance of bluegrass bands from the USA.The pub has also been host to the local pipe band.

The live bands started around 2010 with a stroke of luck and bad weather. A bluegrass band from Portland Origan in the USA on tour had thier ferry delayed out of Stranraer and looking for somewhere to shelter asked Billy and Sally if they could play at the Grapes pub while waiting for the ferry. The Grapes is now gaining a reputation for bluegrass performances

Bluegrass music originated in America and is a form of American roots music and a type of country it was inspired by the music of Appalachia. it's origins are a mixture of scottish, irish, welsh and english traditional music amogn other influances of African-americans through the incorperation of jazz. Further details can be obtained from our links page.

Other bands that have appeared at the Grapes are the Macrae Sisters from Portland (Pictured Right). Who's songs include "Wild Bill Jones" & "Walking Cane Live".

The Old Tyre Swingers from Califonia,(Pictured Left). Sing "Cricket Hollow" & " More Good Than Bad".

Rose's Pawn Shop from Los Angeles,(Pictured Lower Right)Thier albums include "Dancing on the Gallows" & "The Arsonist"

Al Scorch/Country Soul Ensemble (Pictured Lower Left) here having a relaxing pint with one of our customers.